Low blood pressure – A cause of a stroke
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Many people think that only hypertension can cause a stroke, but in fact, low blood pressure is also a cause of this dangerous disease. . There are many causes of low blood pressure, such as diet, people with chronic illness, impaired functions, may also be genetic and many causes are currently unknown.

People who have fatigue, dizziness and dizziness are often subjective, thinking that due to weather changes, colds, work pressure, stress … However, these are typical symptoms of blood pressure. low that some people often overlook.

What is low blood pressure?

For normal people, the blood pressure value is usually 120 / 80mmHg (this is the value between systolic / diastolic blood pressure). If your blood pressure reading is below 100 / 60mmHg is considered to have low blood pressure. If a normal healthy person measuring low blood pressure usually has no symptoms and does not need treatment because it is not a disease. However, if a specialist determines that he has low blood pressure, the patient needs to be monitored and treated. For older people and people with chronic medical conditions, if their blood pressure is low, they should be considered for treatment, as this can be dangerous because the blood does not reach the heart, brain or other body parts.

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The most dangerous in low blood pressure is when the blood pressure drops suddenly, the brain lacks a blood supply which will lead to dizziness and lightheadedness. When you change your position from lying or sitting to standing, your blood pressure changes, which is a type of low blood pressure commonly known as postural hypotension. Or mediated low blood pressure, which is when a person has to stand for too long leading to hypotension. It is estimated that about 10-20% of people 65 years of age and older have postural hypertension. It is due to damage to the cardiovascular system, the nervous system responsible for helping the body adapt to sudden changes.

In addition, low blood pressure often occurs when patients suffer from diarrhea, gastrointestinal bleeding, menorrhagia, perimenopause disorders. The more obvious the expression when suddenly changing positions.

Who is prone to low blood pressure?

Pregnant women. People with endocrine diseases such as hypothyroidism, diabetes. Because of medication, some medications that lower blood pressure, such as those used to treat high blood pressure, depression or Parkinson’s disease. Due to arrhythmia. Heat exhaustion or heat stroke causes hypotension. People with liver disease.

Consequences of low blood pressure

Low blood pressure also has as serious consequences as hypertension. Often, people are often subjective and do not have a proper understanding of low blood pressure. Many people think that these symptoms are caused by bad eating, weak condition … without considering it as a disease and just a break will recover. The most dangerous in low blood pressure is related to the heart is less known as myocardial infarction, angina … If hypotension many times will make the body in the body quickly weakened, because nutrients and oxygen are unable to reach those parts causing injury. The most severe cases of hypotension can be shocking, especially for those who are working in the sun, on high or driving … will be life-threatening.

If the patient is subjective, leaving the blood pressure low for a long time can lead to a stroke, which accounts for about 10-15%. Currently, the understanding of patients about low blood pressure is very little. Studies show that more than 70% of patients do not know they have low blood pressure, more than 80% of patients ignore symptoms of the disease.

How to prevent?

Low blood pressure will reduce the quality of life of the patient but not everyone is aware of this problem for preventive measures and definitive treatment. Patients need to eat several meals a day (4-5 meals) with protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, shrimp, crabs, eggs, milk to increase blood pressure. Drinking extra coffee, condensed green tea with cookies or 1-2 pieces of bread with butter or cheese is also beneficial for raising blood pressure and health. Limit alcohol, beer, alcoholic beverages, bitter melon, chicken egg white, orange juice, purple sweet potato, seaweed, chili, kiwi fruit … are foods that lower blood pressure. On the advice of a doctor, patients should not be subjective, disregard the abnormal signs of health to avoid the unfortunate consequences of low blood pressure. Immediately dizzy, dizzy, lightheaded, etc.

Doctor’s advice

To prevent complications when having low blood pressure, patients should not stay up late, stay warm while sleeping, do not go out in the sun, want to change the posture to move step by step, do not climb high , maintain moderate movement, such as walking, sleeping with low pillows. In particular, people aged 50 and older need to monitor their blood pressure regularly because they are at risk of switching from low blood pressure to hypertension. (Source: Suckhoedoisong).

(Theo Suckhoedoisong)

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